Admiralty List of Lights & Fog Signals (ALL) Vol. M: Western Side of North Pacific Ocean (NP85), 3rd Edition 2022

SKU NP085-22
Publisher United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
ISBN 9780707724522
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About Admiralty List of Lights (ALL)

The ALL are 11 volumes providing a comprehensive listing of all lighthouses, lightships, lit floating marks (over 8 m in height), fog signals and lights of navigational significance. Each publication lists the characteristics of lights and fog signals, together with the equivalent foreign language light descriptions.

Also included are tables which can be used to calculate the geographical and luminous ranges of lights. Details for all lights listed include:

  • International Number
  • Location and/or Name
  • Geographical Co-ordinates
  • Characteristics and Intensity
  • Elevation in Metres
  • Range in Sea Miles
  • Description of Structure

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