A Masters Guide to the Carriage of Steel Cargo

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This guide from the Standard Club focuses on correct loading, stowage, care and securing of steel cargoes. It provides essential advice that will assist in the avoidance and prevention of steel cargo damage claims.

Steel is a high-value cargo that is easily damaged by rough handling, water and moisture. Its weight presents substantial challenges for stowage and securing, and incorrect practices may lead to costly hull and cargo damage. Cargo damage may also occur in transit or before loading. This Guide from the Standard Club highlights the main causes of steel cargo damage and gives practical guidance on how to avoid them. Following this advice will assist in the avoidance and prevention of steel cargo damage claims.

The Guide discusses steel cargo surveys and bills of lading. It illustrates various types of steel cargo damage and describes how this damage should be reported on a bill of lading.

Detailed guidance is provided on steel coils and ship strength, with reference to the common structural rules. Colour photographs and diagrams illustrate the stresses posed by different stowage configurations.

There are separate chapters on the principles of stowage and the principles of securing. Topics covered include preparation of the hold; stowage of coils, coiled wire rope, flat products, long products and pipes; and the use of lashings and dunnage. There is a useful checklist of dos and don’ts when loading steel cargo.

Finally, the book covers ship husbandry, hatch covers, stability, humidity, etc.

The Appendices present two detailed case studies, the first examining a claim for damaged cargo and the second a claim due to poor dunnage.



Steel manufacture

Basic advice

Steel commonly shipped by sea

Steel cargo surveys

Bills of lading

Steel coils and ships’ strength

Principles of stowage

Principles of securing

Cargo officer’s duties during steel cargo loading/discharge

Ship husbandry and steel cargo

Safety when working with steel

Appendix: Case study 1 – damaged cargo and clean bills of lading

Appendix: Case study 2 – poor dunnage

Loading checklist


Title: A Masters Guide to the Carriage of Steel Cargo
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 37
Product Code: WS1661K
Published Date: January 2019
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 297 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 5 mm
Weight: 0.25 kg
Author: The Standard Club UK Ltd

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