The "Weymouth" Yacht Log Book - Sail and Power

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Half the fun in keeping a Log Book has been lost through filling in unnecessary columns. Here this modern book gives simple requirements for any small sail and/or power vessel, and at the same time fulfills the requisite wants of the navigator, giving them an interesting volume to look back on. On the right-hand page there are columns for such important things as Course, Wind, Barometer, Patent Log, etc., along with Latitude and Longitude, A.M., Noon and P.M. there is space for such information as Motor Run, Fuel Consumption, Fuel Received, on Hand, etc. The Log Book is in no way complicated and the left-hand pages are all left blank for Crew and Visitors’ details, Daily Notes and sketches, photographs, etc. The inclusion of Signaling, Compass Information, Beaufort Wind Scale, etc., on the inside covers will prove very handy. This is the ideal Yachtsman’s Log Book at last.

Published date: First published 1981 Revised 2005

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