Bahamas Oil Record Book Part 2: Cargo/Ballast Operations Oil Tankers

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Bahamas Maritime Authority Oil Record Log Book Part II (Cargo/Ballast Operations Oil Tankers)

Guidance for Shipowners, Managers, Masters, Bahamas Recognised Organisations and Bahamas Approved Inspectors 

Note: This Bulletin is to be read in conjunction with Regulations 17 & 36 of MARPOL 73/78, Annex I, as amended (formerly Regulation 20) 

    This bulletin provides guidance on making Oil Record Book entries and related procedural matters, and to confirm BMA requirements in respect of the Oil Record Book (ORB) Part I and associated entries. There are principles within this document which may also be applicable to Oil Record Book Part II. The bulletin is not all-inclusive and may be updated in response to future developments as necessary. 

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