Navigating the Future with TimeZero Professional v5


The maritime navigation software space has been abuzz with anticipation, and the release of TimeZero's Professional v5 on October 1st, 2023, has sailed into the spotlight. The new version brings a tide of features and updates that could redefine marine navigation for professionals at sea.


TZ-MAPS: Charting a New Course

A standout addition is the TZ-MAPS service. This innovative charting service provides a 12-month subscription to a wide chart coverage area, with access to limited updates throughout the period. With this release, TimeZero emphasizes the importance of accurate, up-to-date charting for safe and efficient navigation​.

Refined Modules for Enhanced Navigation

TimeZero Professional v5 makes a significant shift in its module offerings. Radar and Camera modules, once standard, are now optional enhancements. The TZ-RADAR module and the TZ-CAMERA module for camera and augmented reality functionalities will cater to those who need them, without burdening those who don't with unnecessary costs​.

Integration and Output Excellence

In terms of integration, the new TZ-PRO-FSV25MK2 module allows full integration with the Furuno FSV 25 Mark2 OMNI Sonar, marking a step forward in sonar technology compatibility. Additionally, the TZ-PRO-HOST module expands capabilities by enabling users to send data, including radar and camera feeds, to a shore-based station—ideal for remote monitoring​​.

Upgrade Pathways and Pricing

Upgrading has been made appealing, especially for existing TimeZero users. Owners of versions 1 through 4 can upgrade to v5 at a preferential rate, maintaining the integrity of their current modules and functions. Pricing details will be forthcoming, but it’s clear that new hardware may be necessary to make the most of the v5 enhancements​.

A Look at the Feature Set

Peering under the hood of v5 reveals a suite of features that underscore TimeZero's commitment to professional-grade marine navigation:

  • Supported Systems: Runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Connection to Instruments: Compatible with NMEA0183, NMEA2000, and Furuno NavNet Network.
  • Chart Engine: Offers both 2D and 3D views with seamless chart redraw capabilities.
  • User Interface: Advanced, touch screen compatible, with Quick Action NavData.
  • Charting and Mapping: Supports mm3d raster or vector charts, importation of S57 Charts, and exclusive PhotoFusion technology.
  • Navigation Aids: Includes features like depth shading, custom contour lines, and an anti-grounding cone.
  • Data and Tracking: Offers tide databases, SAR route patterns, and advanced route planning wizardry.
  • Weather and Ocean Data Services: Comprehensive weather data and optional premium ocean data services are available.
  • Safety Features: Incorporates a variety of alarms, including anchor, depth, and AIS/MARPA target display​2​.

Optional Modules

The flexibility of TimeZero Professional v5 is further showcased in its array of optional modules:

  • Radar and Sounder Modules: For enhanced radar and sounder connectivity and control.
  • Routing Module: Offers advanced routing capabilities taking into account wind, waves, and currents.
  • PBG Module: Allows customization in the Fishing Workspace and includes a 3D Workspace.
  • Multi-Beam and Trawl Positioning Modules: To connect to various multi-beam systems and trawl positioning systems, respectively.
  • Bottom Hardness Module: Records bottom hardness data from multiple sounder models​2​.

With the release of TimeZero Professional v5, marine professionals can look forward to navigating with more precision, efficiency, and flexibility than ever before. Whether it's the integration of the latest sonar technology or the comprehensive features designed for safe and precise navigation, TimeZero continues to chart a course for innovation in marine navigation software. For more detailed information on features and updates, interested individuals can reach out directly to Charles Hays at​.