USCG Exam Study Materials

 Deck Guide for Permitted Materials in the USCG Exam Room


United States Coast Guard Deck Exam

Mariners seeking USCG deck certification are required to complete the USCG deck exam, in addition to service at sea, hands-on training and successful demonstration of applicable skills. Deck officer endorsements that are required to be examined are outlined in Title 46 of the Code of Federal of Regulations (CFR) Chapter 1 Subchapter B Part 11.


Materials Permitted in the Exam Room

Exam candidates are permitted, and recommended, to bring the following materials into the examination room, with the exception of the Rules of the Road module. Materials Allowed In The Examination Room provided by the National Maritime Center (March 2020).








Reference Books:


Wx Sheets

  • Ship's Code Card, Form WS TA B-O-7


Other Tools Permitted

  1. The calculator must not use chips, pre-programmed strips or any other pre-programmed device, of the type that may be inserted into a calculator.
  2. It must not be permanently programmable calculator, or specialty computer, such as a navigation computer. Calculators or computers with trigonometric functions, logs and antilogs, roots, squares and cubes are permitted so long as they meet all other requirements.
  3. All manually programmable calculators must have simple erasure capability in order to be permitted.