Stability & Trim



Stability & Trim

Since it was first published in 1946, this book has become the definitive text on ship stability. It is written from the point of view of the merchant officer and correctly assumes that the officer does not want to wade through unnecessary technical terms. It impresses upon the reader the fact that stability is a practical, though not easy, subject that can be used to increase the safety of the vessel and the comfort of the crew.

In addition to extensive sections on transverse and longitudinal stability, the book includes treatment of hull strength and shipboard applications, including the effects of damage to the ship. A chapter on marine disasters demonstrates the need for attention to this vital aspect of shipboard management, and a generous section of appendices includes questions and problems on stability, useful stability and trim formulas, a conversion table, a trim and stability booklet, hydrostatic curve graphs, and a glossary of terms, symbols, and abbreviations.

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