Witherbys Flag State Regulations - Liberia 2021 (eBook)

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The product consists of the Maritime Regulations and Notices issued by the Liberian Registry. It is available as an annual subscription.

Witherby Publishing Group is officially authorised by the Liberian Registry to publish Liberian flag State information. Witherby Liberia Flag State Regulations are updated throughout the year and include:

  • Maritime Law, including RLM 107, 109 and 260

  • Maritime Regulations, including RLM 108

  • Marine Notices, including RLM 300

  • Liberian Requirements, including RLM 100 and 118.

The product is officially recognised as an electronic equivalent to Republic of Liberia requirements for the onboard carriage of the Combined Publications Folder (CPF) RLM-300 and CPF RLM-300 CD-ROM, as stated in Liberian Marine Notice ADM-007.


Title: Witherbys Flag State Regulations - Liberia 2019 (eBook)
Product Code: WS9009EA40
Published Date: March 2019