The Turks and Caicos Guide

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Publisher Robert Hale & Co.
ISBN 9781892399014
This is the latest version of the first-ever in-depth cruising guide providing coverage of the entire Turks and Caicos region, including parts of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. The book contains full-color charts, piloting instructions, approaches, routes, anchorages, dive sites and history. In addition, there is information on Puerto Plata and Luper?n, in the Dominican Republic, with charts and photos. In this book, as in all other books by Pavlidis, the charts are extremely accurate and provide close-up views in much greater scale than standard navigation charts. The color scheme of the charts in this new book is designed to make navigation easier than black & white charts. Accurate charts of Luper?n in the Dominican Republic reflect the latest changes as of 1998.

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