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The Ships Atlas 15th Edition


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The Ships Atlas 15th Edition

The Ships Atlas assists you in locating all global commercial ports whilst detailing their key features in the most contemporary and comprehensive manner.
The Ships Atlas can be used separately or in conjunction with Guide to Port Entry as a quick reference to the location and facilities available at the port, harbour or terminal.
  • Locate over 16,000 ports, harbours, terminals and marine facilities around the world
  • Identify which specific facilities are available at that port using the port symbols.
  • Gather further port statistics and information from the index
  • Obtain further regional specific details
  • Determine the distance to other international ports using our distance tables
  • View piracy incidents and trends
  • Access more comprehensive information on shipping facilities than any other commercial shipping atlas available


Key Features

  • 16,000 ports, harbours, terminals and marine facilities
  • 158 new ports and terminals listed
  • 150 full colour maps
  • 11 maritime themed A3 maps

These include: International Load Line Zones and Areas Sensitive Sea Areas, MARPOL 73/78, Global Wind Patterns, Maritime Piracy Trend Analysis, Maritime Piracy Incidents, World Political, Standard Time Zones, Ocean Currents, International Navigating Conditions and Global Distribution of Major Diseases. (Many sold separately).

  • Unique port symbols detailing what types of cargo handled at that port and the dry dock availability
  • Regional and international distance tables
  • Comprehensive port information index

Detailing the latitude and longitude, maximum size vessel permissable, nearest airport, fuel and medical availability.

New to the 15th Edition:

  • 2 new maps: English Channel and Southern North Sea and Dunkirk to Rotterdam
  • Improved Themed Maps
  • Over 2,000 updates