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The Rigger's Locker

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The Rigger's Locker

 The Rigger's Locker is an all-new collection of useful ideas, undeservedly obscure knots and splices, and tips on everything from working safely aloft to sail configurations, making ratlines and blocks, carrying plywood sheets, and preventing the eternally irritating problem of keeping that drawstring from disappearing into the waistband of your sweatpants. All from a man who's spent two pine tar-stained decades in rigging lofts and boatyards in search of the ideal rig and the perfect splice.

This free-roaming collection written as only Brion Toss could, also reveals such things as an eyesplice for braided rope, rope-to-chain and rope-to-wire splices, the proper construction of a bosun's chair--even a snubber for bungy cord. There's also a collection of tricks and puzzles. Brion Toss is a teacher whose style and thoughtful analyses are based on the simple premise that someone with nothing more than a stick, a piece of marline, and a little skill can make something just as structurally significant as a modern swaged terminal.

The Rigger's Locker is a book about participation, with myriad ways to get involved both mentally and physically with rigging a sailing vessel. Abundantly and superbly illustrated by Rob Shetterly, it provides a lockerful of value for boatowners looking to maintain, repair, and improve their own rigs.