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The Electronic Chart, 3rd Edition

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The Electronic Chart, 3rd Edition

 The Electronic Chart: Functions, Potential and Limitations, A Textbook for ECDIS Use and Training. Geomares Publishing, publisher of Hydro INTERNATIONAL, is proud to announce the release of the third and totally revised edition of the book The Electronic Chart, by the highly respected Horst Hecht, Bernhard Berking, Mathias Jonas and Lee Alexander.

         Part A (Chapters 1 - 6) introduces the subject and explains the basic fundamentals that make up an ECDIS, ranging from architecture to electronic-chart data structure and methods of display.


        Part B (Chapter 7 - 13) describes the primary functions of ECDIS and its practical use, presenting a comprehensive account of ECDIS use in practice, including its potential, requirements and limitations from the point of view of a navigator. ECDIS functioning is explained based on the ECDIS fundamentals.


       Part C (Chapters 14 - 15) details the means and process of providing the electronic chart data required to use ECDIS worldwide. This includes official services for ENC data provision, distribution and updating.


        Part D (Chapters 16 - 18) discusses the need for and primary objectives and content of ECDIS training. It gives guidance on how to design training courses, including simulator training, supported by ECDIS Demonstration software developed by a leading ECDIS manufacturer (Transas Marine).The IMO ECDIS training requirements and a cross-reference between training subjects and book chapters are given in the Appendix.


       Part E (Chapters 19 - 24) describes key aspects of ECDIS beyond its practical use, such as adequate backup arrangements, safety issue considerations, regulatory and legal implications, and some economic aspects. The book concludes with an overview of supplementary information layers and other uses of ECDIS, and an outlook on future development.