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Stowaways By Sea

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Stowaways By Sea

Improvements in security have not reduced the number of stowaways or the number of incidents and it is seafarers who have to cope with the extra work, delay, uncertainty and possible violence.

This handbook complements the author’s books, Maritime Security: a practical guide, and the first handbook in The Nautical Institute’s maritime security suite, Coping with piracy. It takes the same practical approach to making a vessel secure against stowaways, managing any that have succeeded in getting onboard, collecting the necessary evidence and organising the repatriation process. The focus of the handbook is the people who have to deal with stowaways and the preparation and training that is needed both onboard and ashore. This includes an explanation of who stows away and why, how trading patterns affect risk, the responsibilities of all parties involved in a stowaway incident and the importance of reportingX