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Steel Away - A Guide to the World of Steel Sailboats

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Media Hardcopy
Publisher Paradise Cay Publications
UPC 852686963335

Steel Away - A Guide to the World of Steel Sailboats

Whether you're an armchair dreamer, an intermediate adventurer, or a genuine salty dog, we hope that this guidebook has something for you. The emphasis is on providing information to help anyone organize a logical plan to obtain and outfit a steel boat. Since the internal organization of the book is in approximately the same order in which you'd put a cruising sailboat together, you can pick it up at any stage. If you're building a complete boat yourself, most of the decisions you'll have to make are outlined and discussed. If you're having a boat built, you'll be able to understand what the designer and builder are talking about, so that you can participate more effectively in the process. If you're already designing or building steel boats, there should be some food for thought.

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