Ship Knowledge: Ship Design, Construction & Operation, 10th Edition 2020

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Publisher Dokmar
ISBN 9789071500404

Ship Knowledge is all about ships and shipping. Topics range from the structure and systems of various types of modern ships, to engineering, maintenance, safety and the laws and regulations governing the shipping industry.

The text is richly illustrated with detailed drawings, photographs and cross-sections of many different types of seagoing vessels, all in full color, making the book extremely attractive and very informative for anyone interested in shipping.

After reading this book you will no longer think of a ship as an inanimate object, but as a completely self-supporting entity embodying all the modern technologies found in a small town.

An indispensable book for anyone interested in modern shipping! Considering the ever growing number of foreign crew on board European vessels and in the offshore industry, Ship Knowledge meets the growing demand for English language publications and text books in this field.

Ship Knowledge is a valuable resource, not only for nautical colleges and universities, but also for everyone employed afloat.

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