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Ship Handling

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Ship Handling

Responding to the recommendations arising from the STCW convention on the knowledge of manoeuvring required of deck officers, the book Ship handling analyses all aspects of a vessel's manoeuvrability, whether passing through open water or confined waters.

The book consists of three parts. The first sets out the ship's capabilities and its manoeuvring gear; the second considers the forces which set the ship moving, and the last one describes the ship as it manoeuvres (mooring, sailing in shallow waters, port manoeuvres, etc.). Special attention is paid to the behaviour of a vessel subject to external forces, with a basic approach to these concepts suited to novice pilots, together with a more thorough study into ship dynamics, of interest to sailors more familiar with the subject.

This work is aimed at both students a​​t maritime training schools beginning to train in ship manoeuvring, as well as experienced ship handlers who wish to further their own skills in this vast area.

The book was awarded the “Grand Prize” of the French Maritime Society in 2012.