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Qualified Member of the Engine Department

This disc contains questions, answers and study material for Qualified Member of the Engine Department all ratings. There are no use or limits on this CD.

Modules include: General, Oiler, Electricity, Refrigeration, Machinist and Fireman.

Reference Books Include:

  • Basic Machines
  • Blueprint Reading and Sketching
  • Damage Control and Firefighting
  • Engineman
  • Fireman
  • Fluid and Power
  • Hull Technician
  • Steel Worker
  • Tools and Their Uses
  • Utilitesman
  • Direct Current & Batteries
  • Alternating Current and Transformers
  • Conductors, Wiring & Schematics
  • Generators & Motors
  • Amplifiers
  • Test Equipment
  • Electricity & Electronics Handbook
  • Test Methods & Practices
  • more

Help files: Electricity, Refrigeration, Pumps, Fire Fighting, and Ship Construction.

The unique help system is capable of opening a book from the reference library to the page or subject applying to a question.


Please note this program is not Mac compatible.

All applications on 2 GB USB flash drive.