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Pacific Wanderer

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Pacific Wanderer

Over many years of cruising the Pacific Ocean the author has stopped at many islands and ports which never get much attention in the more formal guidebooks. Pacific Wanderer gathers a variety of short stories together on these rarely-visited and sometimes hard to get to places. They range from the Eastern Pacific Outliers of Clipperton, Cocos and Juan Fernandez (remember Robinson Crusoe?) to mysterious Palmyra, Howland and Nauru to islands made famous by World War II such as Truk, Midway, and Wake.

Photos abound including one of the infamous Quinn's Bar on the old colorful Papeete waterfront. Other photos of nostalgic South Seas history are shown such as Aggie Grey's Hotel in Apia and the Banana Court Bar in Rarotonga. You can read about the stone money of Yap, native handicrafts of many islands, the French prison on the Isle of Pines (another Devils Island!), Abemama atoll where Robert Louis Stevenson lived for a time and the ancient stone ruins of Nan Madol on Pohnpei.

Visit dozens of rarely visited islands in the Pacific from the comfort of your armchair. Chartlets for most along with supplementary material on Pacific weather, pirates and tsunamis. A 300-page review of Oceania as few know it.