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Neptune VIS

Neptune Vessel Information Service triton logoNeptune offers everything you need to manage and update your paper charts, publications and ENC's in one simple solution.

Why receive chart corrections and publication amendments for one region when your vessel is operating in an other? The idea of sending all updates to all vessels ties up bandwith, crew time and increases cost. With Neptune there's no need to waste resources any more.

Neptune is a unique Vessel Information Service designed to reduce the workload for mariners. It provides users with electronic Notices to Mariners from the British Admiralty, the Norwegian Hydrographic Office and NOAA, and also provides an updating service for ENC cells from UKHO and Primar, making the time of sending update CDs a thing of the past.

Neptune is compatbile with Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP)—which are the Digital List of Lights, TotalTide and Digital Radio Signals (ADRS6)—allowing you to make the necessary ADP updates through Neptune.

Neptune is intelligent. It streamlines your workflow and improves chart control by only sending information the ship needs. The result is increased navigational safety and reduced costs.

Neptune is ready to be your vessel’s primary information portal providing marine management tools, reports, weather forecasting, routing, online news and information. The system can be installed on the bridge or in offices onshore, and delivers a number of benefits.


Neptune VIS


  • Neptune is windows-based and dovetails into your existing set-up. Think of it as a marine layer to your Windows desktop.
  • Neptune installs straight out of the box and runs smoothly on any modern off-the-shelf Windows PC and printer. The only additional items needed are tracing paper for the printer.
  • Neptune does not rely on any other software. PDF viewing, emailing, and data management are all handled within Neptune. That means there's no need to worry about having the right version of Adobe or Outlook, or even to have them installed at all.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Neptune delivers only the corrections relevant for your vessel’s portfolio, saving significant efforts and data costs. Information is provided via satellite, online or through email.
  • As Neptune’s on-board client manages the ship’s NTMs, you have constant access to an up-to-the-minute status on your vessel’s individual charts or chart portfolios.
  • Neptune fits your internet or mail communication bandwidth from 2.4 kB to over 128 kB marine ‘always on’ broadband.
  • Easy to read, color coded reports giving you a comprehensive overview of your on board charts, publications and their correction status.

Contact us for a live demonstration of how Neptune can improve navigational safety and reduce mariners' workload.