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Main Features

  • Max detailed charts for cruising, fishing and sailing.
  • Get marine areas and a growing list of more than 18,000 lakes in US and Canada all on one card.
  • Includes SonarChartTM 1 foot HD bathymetry map that reflects ever changing conditions, and Community Edits, valuable local information added by millions of Navionics Boating app users.
  • Get the most current charts every day with daily updates for one year.


Overwhelming value

Max detailed charts for cruising, fishing and sailing! Get 1 ft/0.5 HD contours for marine areas and lakes all on one card. More than 18,000 lakesin US and Canada, with thousands more in countries around the world! View new lakes!


Detailed charts and more!

Nautical Chart is a robust chart resource trusted by boaters worldwide.SonarChart™ is an HD bathymetry map that reflects ever-changing conditions. Community Edits are localized chart data contributed by the Navionics Community.


1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry

Enjoy the exclusive SonarChart layer with up to 1 ft/0.5 m contours. Upload your sonar logs to build even better local charts for your area. You can do it with your plotter or use your mobile device connected wirelessly to your sounder withSonarChart Live.



Daily updates

Navionics charts are updated with around 2,000 edits per day. See how simple it is to download the very latest content and free daily updates for one year. You’ll get official chart information supplemented with contributions from fellow boaters in SonarChart and Community Edits. 


Compatibility Guides

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Chart Installation Instructions

For more instructions on how to activate and install your Navionics charts click here or see video below. 





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