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Mooring Equipment Guidelines, 3rd Edition

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Mooring Equipment Guidelines, 3rd Edition

The shipping industry has always been concerned with safe mooring practices. A fundamental aspect of this concern entails the development of mooring systems which are adequate for the intended service, with maximum integration of standards across the range of ship types and sizes.

Although numerous standards, guidelines and recommendations concerning mooring practices, mooring fittings and mooring equipment exist, where guidance is given or it is often incomplete. For example, the number of hawsers and their breaking strength may be recommended without any advice on mooring winch pulling force or brake holding capacity. These guidelines are intended to provide an extensive overview of the requirements for safe mooring from both a ship and terminal perspective embrace the full spectrum of issues from the calculation of a ship’s restraint requirements, the selection of rope and fitting types to the retirement criteria for mooring lines.

MEG3 consolidates the following titles:

  • Guidelines on the Use of High-Modulus Synthetic Fibre Ropes as Mooring Lines on Large Tankers (First Edition 2002)
  • Recommendations for Ships’ Fittings for Use with Tugs (First Edition 2002)
  • Prediction of Wind and Current Loads on VLCCs (Second Edition 1994)
  • Prediction of Wind Loads on Large Liquefied Gas Carriers (First Edition Reprinted 1995)