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Maritime Safety, Security & Piracy


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Maritime Safety, Security & Piracy

One out of five ships inspected on normal port state control criteria in Paris MoU countries in a three-month period last year had International Safety Management code deficiencies*

47% rise in armed attacks against seafarers in first part of year**

Could the current lack of response to maritime piracy be setting the scene for a more significant security threat?

Security and other safety issues are more important than ever in the maritime industry. Maritime Safety, Security and Piracy  is the first book to discuss safety, security and piracy in the maritime context.

The book is divided into two parts, ships and ports, and covers issues such as:

  • Ship safety assessments
  • European ship safety
  • Ship accidents
  • Pirates’ behaviours
  • Port state control inspections
  • Port security
  • Port theft

** Source: David Osler, Lloyd's List, February 2008
** Source: International Maritime Bureau, ICC Commercial Crime Services, April 2008