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LPG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards

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LPG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards

Approved by SIGTTO, (Society of International Gas Tankers and Terminal Operators) this book is an essential companion to anyone serving on an LPG Carrier or any operator who has LPG Carriers or Ethylene Carriers within their fleet. This publication is presented in an easy read tabular format with the deck and engine officer ranks concerned being: – Deck Management – Deck Operational – Cargo Equipment – Management – Cargo Equipment – Operational This publication builds on the substantial competency related work that has been done by SIGTTO in the LNG sector and provides guidance on the minimum standards to which Officers should be trained and reference to the knowledge that underpins it. The standards were written using the competence based methodology, used in STCW and throughout the industry generally. These competency standards are intended to be used to ensure a common standard of minimum training throughout the industry.