Janes Urban Transport Systems Yearbook, 2021/2022 Edition

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Publisher Jane's Group
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Janes Urban Transport Systems Yearbook 21/22

Develop innovative and effective transport networks

This resource provides details on city transport systems, consultants and more than 1,500 manufacturers of urban transport supplies and services, including contact information, company backgrounds and product lines.

Janes Urban Transport Systems from Janes Group helps you:

  • Uncover market opportunities
  • Conduct effective urban transportation market research
  • Track technology developments and identify new solutions
  • Locate suppliers and partners
  • Analyse competitor products

What's included - Reliable contact information for companies manufacturing and supporting buses, rail vehicles, trams, light rail and trolley systems, including:

  • Bus chassis, integrals and bodies
  • Electric traction equipment
  • Information technology systems
  • Principal infrastructure details
  • Rail and bus components and sub-assemblies
  • Revenue collection systems and station equipment
  • Road vehicle chassis components
  • Signaling, communications and traffic control equipment


Previous editions are available upon request.

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