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Vetting Clauses – A Practical Guide


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Vetting Clauses – A Practical Guide

This is a consolidated reference guide on vetting clauses (26 pages). This guide comprehensively illustrates the legal, operational and commercial implications of the various clauses, offering sound practical advice. Currently no consolidated edition like this guide exists. 


In this booklet INTERTANKO highlights, using a selection of vetting clauses that exist today, the pros and cons of each vetting clause. They conclude by offering some guidelines on warranty clauses with particular regard to:

  • A hardship clause if it is not possible to appoint an inspector or an inspection is not possible.

  • Reasonable time frames to allow the inspection to take place.

  • Suitable non-fulfilment elements to be included to protect the charterer


The aim of this booklet is to make the reader aware of the alternatives that exist and to understand the responsibilities and risks involved in the drafting and acceptance of a Vetting Clause, as well as the benefits that can be derived from a clause that meets somebody’s specific requirements.





Part I – General guidance on vetting clauses


Part II – Comments on various vetting clauses


Part III – Check list for vetting clauses

Part IV – Other related INTERTANKO publications