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Incredible Tales of the Sea


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Incredible Tales of the Sea

Twelve stunning stories that have stood the test of time.

Why are sea stories so enduringly popular? Why is it, more than perhaps any other genre, tales of the sea are so appealing to so many readers? There is the adventure, of course, and the vicarious thrill of taking on the Horn or battling attacking pirates or surviving great privation from the comfort of one's dry and warm living room. Reading the stories in this volume is eminently safer than actually participating in similar adventures. But that's the magic of it: pick up a book and transport yourself to William Bligh's boat or Robinson Crusoe's island. Put the book down and tackle real life for a while. It's instant adventure with no hassles.

Robert Louis Stevenson o Daniel Defoe

Douglas Wilson Johnson o Victor Hugo o William Bligh

Homer o Herman Melville o Jules Verne o Jón Trausti

Richard Hakluyt o Charles Dickens