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Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations, 4th Edition

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Publisher Marisec Publications
UPC 852686752090

Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations, 4th Edition

This new edition of the ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations reflects current best practice in the international shipping and aviation industries, and supersedes the previous (1989) edition.The guide has been fully updated with extended guidance regarding the role and responsibilities of both the ship and helicopter. Full account is also taken of the latest specifications for helicopter performance, the latest IACO (aviation) requirements for the safe location/marking of landing and winching areas, new guidance on the growing practice of transfer of bridge pilots direct to the bridge wing and revised guidance on actions to be taken in the event of helicopter incidents. It is recommended that a copy is carried on board every ship.To provide additional value and utility, this new edition is accompanied by a CD version of the text with a ‘search’ function.The CD also includes an electronic template for preparing helicopter landing/operating plans for transmission from the ship to the helicopter operator.

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