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Getting Underway: An Explanation of How to Sail a Boat

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Getting Underway: An Explanation of How to Sail a Boat

     Make no mistake. This little book will hone your sailing skills faster and better by half than most learn-to-sail books twice its size. If you want reams of technical drawings and photographs accompanying a lick-and-a-promise, must-and-must-not coverage of everything from tying a knot to handling heavy weather, steer clear of this one. But if you think you could warm to a book that assumes some intelligence and imagination on your part while it describes clearly and accurately how to sail, this book is for you. What is here is exactly what a day-sailor needs on a summer afternoon in a small keel or centerboard boat; how to raise sail and leave the dock or mooring without fuss, how to nurse the last, most satisfying ounce of ability from a boat in still air or fresh breezes, and how to return home safe, relaxed, and happy. Most learn-to-sail books are soon outgrown as the sailor discovers the thousand inaccuracies and exceptions hidden in an oversimplification. "GETTING UNDERWAY" will grow with you, and as your experience increases, you'll appreciate more and more how precisely the author has anticipated situations and the responses they demand.