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Floating LNG Book


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Floating LNG Book

Floating LNG (FLNG) is being closely looked at by many operators. This 592 page report covers many of the lessons learned and concepts proposed for Floating Liquefied Gas solutions over recent years. 

There are a number of established Floating LPG projects around the world and many innovations are making use of the solutions that a floating offshore terminal provides such as Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU). However a floating LNG project comes with a number of issues including:

Side by side transfer
tandem mooring
Loading and offloading issues in open seas
offshore liquefaction
Classification of Offshore LNG terminals
containment systems for the storage of LNG in offshore environments
cargo transfer arrangements
Offshore moorings

This report shares the experience and findings of many of the existing projects. Some of the early proposals have now made their way through to designed systems, such as using an LNG Carriers as a receiving terminal which was first muted in 1988 and came to fruition as an FSRU vessel 20 years later.