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Dictionary of Maritime Terms English-Italian-English 4th Edition


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Dictionary of Maritime Terms English-Italian-English 4th Edition

This 4th edition dictionary contains the most common seafaring terms in use today and continually refers to the IMO’s SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases). Included within the English Italian Maritime dictionary is a detailed abbreviations section.


The dictionary contains all of the most common terms relevant to Seafaring: Shipbuilding, Navigation (Celestial, Electronic, Hyperbolic, Plain Navigation), Marine Engines, Thermodynamics, Instrumentation, Automation and systems on board, Machine tools, types of ancient and modern vessels, maritime trade (shipping documents, maritime transport), Coastal and deep-sea, sailing fishing, sailing.

The work continuously refers to expressions of the SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases).  As the name suggests, the SMCP is made up of terms, expressions or phrases covering all the main fields connected with safety in ship-shore shore-ship, and intership communications. The SMCP is designed to by-pass the problem of the language barriers in communication