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Design and Construction Specification for Marine Loading Arms

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SKU 9781856090711
Publisher Witherby Seamanship International
ISBN 9781856090711

Design and Construction Specification for Marine Loading Arms

Loading arms are increasingly being purchased for special applications that require accurate and thorough specification and considerable engineering assessment. The uniqueness of each loading arm application is reflected in the variability and complexity of operating envelopes, products transferred, simultaneous service requirements, manifold spacing, jetty and piping layouts, arm styles, environmental loadings, auxiliary hardware etc. All these variables need to be considered during the design basis stage and be accurately presented in the final loading arm specification. This book, which draws on the OIMF member’s experiences, will provide support to the terminal as it considers all of these variables. Author: OCIMF. Published: 1999 (3rd Edition) No Pages: 63 BW Format: 

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