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CTUpack e-learning: Introduction to Freight Container VGM

CTUpack e-learning: Introduction to Freight Container VGM

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Publisher Exis Technologies, Ltd

CTUpack e-learning: Introduction to Freight Container VGM

This course highlights the requirements of the new amendments to SOLAS, Chapter VI, Regulation 2 concerning the verified mass of containers carrying cargo, mandatory from 1 July 2016.  This requires mandatory verification of the gross mass of a container prior to loading on to a ship via two methods; either weighing the packed container as a whole, or weighing the cargo items and all dunnage, lashing and securing material and adding this to the tare of the container.

The course explores the verified gross mass requirement, including hte two methods permitted to verify the gross mass, weighing the packed container (Method 1) or weighing all constituent parts and adding that to the tare of the container (Method 2). This course is designed to provide all the information needed to understand why this legal requirement was developed, its objectives and offer practical solutions.

The course focuses on:

  • Development of the SOLAS requirement and accompanying Guidelines
  • Method 1 or Method 2?
  • Method 1 potential solutions
  • Method 2 appraisal
  • Legal situation and compliance
  • Developing FAQs - a summary of the frequently asked questions that have occurred in international fora since the legislation was adopted


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    ILO/IMO/UNECE Code of practice (Jan 2014)


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