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Collected Papers on Marine Claims V.1


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Collected Papers on Marine Claims V.1

Latest edition of major work on marine claims.

Goodacre's major work a collection of papers on marine claims previously published in the insurance press – is now in its third edition.

1. Fundamental Principles

Non-disclosure of Previous Claims Experience (Appendix: Judgement in Dodwell and Co. Ltd. v. The British Dominions General Insurance Co. Ltd)

Valuations in Marine Policies

The Strange Case of the Unavoidable Policy

Court Criticises Law on Non-Disclosure


2. Maritime Perils

Untidy Situation of Barratry Rulings

Curious Lack ofAuthority on Theft and Pilferage

Pirates and Thieves

Fire and Explosion in Marine Insurance

Little Hope of Simplifying War Risks Cover


3. Hull Claims

Agreement on Dry Dock Expenses

Inflation on Deferred Settlements Exaggerated

The Inflation Factor in Hull Claims

Application of Deductible in Standard Hull Policies - Need for Underwriters to Qualify


Claims for Latent Defect - A Plea for Uniformity

1. The "Inchmaree" Clause

2. Contracts of Affreightment

3. Further Interpretations

4. Conclusions

Hull Insurance - The Preparation of Accidental Damage Claims


"The incursion of seawater is also considered to be a peril of the sea..."

"...something unintentional, unexpected and unforeseen..."

Letter of Marquw

(Appendix - a "hand-out" accompanying the address)

The UNCTAD Report on an International Legal Vase for MArine Insurance Contracts, as Related to Hill Claims


4. General Average, Salvage, and Sue and Labour

Lloyd's Open Form Under Review

Wreck-Raising Expenses - Who Pays?

York-Antwerp Rules Not Truely International

Contributory Values in General Average

General Average Today - The Creature of Contract


Vessels Under Average

1. Additional Expenses at Port of Refuge

2. Direct Consequences of a General Average Act

3. Oil Pollution and Salvors

Influence of Cleopatra's Needle on Sue and Labour Clause


5. Case Summaries

German U-Boat Salvage Dispute

The Law Does Not Concern Itself with Trifles

An Exercise on the Collision Regulations

The Importance of a Warranty

Falling Poind Causes Change of Heart

Institute Freight Clauses - a Trap for the Unwary


6. Special Features

The Decline of the Marine Policy

Time Bombs on our Doorstep


Problems with the Arbitration Clause in Charterparties

1. Incorporation in the Bill of Lading

2. Conflict with Hague Rules

3. Application to General Average


Evolution of the Integrated Adjuster in Offshore Oil

Inland Waterways and Estuaries

1. Gateways to the World

2. Questions of Liability


The Battle Against Oil Pollution

1. The International Conventions

2. Prevention of Oil Pollution Act, 1971

3. Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollutions) Act 1971 and Merchant Shipping Act, 1974


Where the Oil was Spilled: 1962-1978

The Overturning of the U.S. Mutual Fault Rule

The Business of Moving Executives Round The World