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C-MAP by Jeppesen

C-MAP Wide MaxPro Chart - Eastern Canada

The C-MAP by Jeppesen MAX Pro charting technology from Jeppesen Marine is an advanced electronic charting standard designed for high performance navigation systems. MAX Pro takes electronic charting to new dimensions, guaranteeing an exclusive navigation experience to the most demanding navigators.

MAX Pro is the premium chart technology for the light marine market. It is loaded with professional navigation features like 3D Virtual World Display, Satellite Imagery Overlay, Quick Sync Updating, Photos & Diagrams, Tides & Currents, Fishing Contour Data, and more.

MAX Pro is available in Wide and MegaWide titles. Each purchase or unlock of a MAX Pro title includes a complimentary, one-year subscription to Jeppesen Marine’s Quick Sync Updating, offering unlimited updates on demand. Charts may also be rented for 4 months. You’ll always sail with the most accurate charts and updated information.

MAX Pro Features

The latest evolution in C-MAP by Jeppesen charting technology from Jeppesen Marine is an advanced electronic charting standard, designed for high performance navigation systems. MAX Pro takes electronic charting to new dimensions, guaranteeing an exclusive navigation experience to the most demanding navigators.

MAX Pro is loaded with professional navigation features like: 3D Virtual World Display, Satellite Imagery Overlay, Quick Sync Updating, Photos & Diagrams, Tides & Currents, Fishing Contour Data and more.