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Boater's Pocket Reference

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Boater's Pocket Reference

A truly compact and comprehensive reference for boaters. The lowdown on every boating topic imaginable from navigation rules, know tying, boathandling, navigation aids, charting, GPS, trailering, weather and loads more.


Why another book on boating?

It's not just another book, it's unique. The author wanted to buy a book like this, but couldn't find one, so he wrote it himself.


Who needs this book?

    New boaters: This book provides an extensive introduction to all aspects of boating.Experienced boaters: A great reference and memory jogger.Everyone who wants to make their boating safer and more enjoyable.


    Piloting and Navigation—including the use of charts, GPS, radar, and sonar.Communications—VHF, SSB, satellite.U.S. and Canadian boating regulationsInternational, U.S., and Canadian Navigation Rules (Collision Requlations).Understanding aids to navigationUnderstanding weather—air movement, fronts, clouds, weather maps.Boat types, design, and construction as well as boating terminologyThe essentials of good seamanship—the basics of operating a boat.Marlinespike seamanship—lines and knots—including 50 different knots.Mechanical—engines and propellers.Electrical—circuits, DC and AC wiring, batteries, chargers, inverters, lightning.Boat trailering tips, techniques, maintnenance, wiring.General reference tables—time zones, holidays, weight and volume of liquids, and more.Extensive unit conversion tablesBoating resources—organizations, phone numbers, web sites.Glossary of marine terminology.