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Boat Modeling With Dynamite Payson

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Boat Modeling With Dynamite Payson

 In Boat Modeling with Dynamite Payson, the well-known author/boatbuilder applies his "instant approach" to building tabletop replicas of small rowing and sailing craft suitable for the mantel, mud puddles, or just dreaming. He starts with a simple lobsterboat anyone can build in an hour and progresses through dories, skiffs, catboats, and peapods-there's even a Friendship sloop and a sardine carrier. Dynamite's friendly, no-nonsense instructions and step-by-step photographs, coupled with marine artist Doug Alvord's beautiful drawings, guide the reader through each boat's construction, from stem to stern. The only modeling book written by a real Maine boatbuilder, Dynamite Payson will feed the fantasies and hone the skills of armchair sailors of all ages and degrees of competence, whether as a warm-up to a full-size boatbuilding project, or as an end in itself.