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Bimini Islands, Bahamas

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Publisher Archer Geographic, Ltd.

Bimini Islands, Bahamas

Navisat™ Maps & Charts combine satellite imagery with traditional map or nautical chart elements to create the first line of "photographic" maps and charts.

Satellite images show detail far beyond that shown on traditional maps. Geometrically corrected and overlaid with traditional map features such as scale, latitude/longitude grids, place names, and roads they combine the advantages of both a map and a satellite photo in one "photo map." In addition to those of land areas, satellite image maps of coastal areas with depth soundings, hazards, and aids to navigation offer mariners a photographic chart.

Archer Geographic pioneered the concept to combine digitally enhanced satellite imagery with traditional maps and charts, using advanced processing techniques, resulting in the publication of our line of Navisat Maps & Charts

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