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Admiralty e-Navigator

ADMIRALTY e-Navigator

Get more efficient voyage planning and chart management in a single service


Bringing together navigational information for safe, efficient and compliant voyages


Planning Station:

-       View, order and manage world-leading ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services on board

-       An aid to planning safe and compliant voyages

-       Use your digital products on one screen, including ADP and the unique AIO

-       Helps simplify essential tasks – freeing up valuable time on board


Fleet Manager:

-       A web-based application used by chart agents and shipping companies ashore to manage ADMIRALTY products across fleets

-       Remotely monitor on board chart and publication coverage and permit status

-       Helps manage costs and carriage compliance

-       Reduces shore-side administration


What does e-Navigator do?

e-Navigator frees up valuable time for bridge crews to focus on other critical tasks, and helps office staff with important aspects of fleet management


e-Navigator brings world-leading ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services together in a single integrated system, making them easier and quicker to use and manage than ever before.


Why e-Navigator?

Around 70% of ships trading internationally already carry ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services. So it makes sense to have a system specifically designed to maximise the benefits of these trusted products and services.


Making life on board easier – this powerful tool helps bridge officers plan safe routes, simplify essential tasks and inspections, and frees them up to spend more time on other important duties.


e-Navigator consists of two components:

-       Planning Station – the back-of-bridge PC application that brings together a set of powerful voyage-planning tools to support safe and compliant navigation

-       Fleet Manager – a web-based application used by chart agents and shipping companies to manage ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services across fleets


To simplify and speed up order-processing, both the UKHO and all chart agents selling ADMIRALTY digital products use e-Navigator.


Used by some of the world’s major shipping fleets, e-Navigator does not require professional installation, and comes with comprehensive user guides, training videos and on-line help.




Fleet Manager


A web-based management tool for ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services, designed to reduce onshore administrative tasks, maintain cost control and help ensure carriage compliance at all times.


Manage navigational compliance across your fleet

Remotely monitor ADMIRALTY navigational charts and reference publications held on board, to check your ships have complete coverage for intended routes. This helps ensure your ships meet the carriage requirements of SOLAS Chapter V. You can also check when current digital products and services will expire.


Closely manage costs of navigational products

It is easy to order ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services, either by creating orders ashore or approving those received from your ships. To cut down further on administration, you can delegate approval entirely to your ADMIRALTY Chart Agent.


Get permits when you want them

You can access the navigational information held by each ship from a web-connected device, 24/7. And because your fleet operates 24/7, chart permits for ADMIRALTY digital products can be received by the ship almost immediately after an order is placed.


Manage your ADMIRALTY products by geographical area

To make life easier, you can use the geographical display in Fleet Manager to view and order charts and publications by area, position or intended route.



Planning Station


The back-of-bridge PC application that brings together a set of powerful voyage-planning tools to support safe and compliant navigation.


These include an integrated ADMIRALTY digital catalogue, a chart and publication holdings management and updating service, and an enhanced viewer for ADMIRALTY digital products.


Planning Station supports the voyage-planning process and frees up bridge crews to spend more time on other important duties.


Quicker, more informed voyage-planning decisions

Bridge crews can view relevant navigational information in one place, making it easier to plan voyages and view intended routes in detail.


ADMIRALTY products that can be overlaid on AVCS and ARCS include:

-       ADMIRALTY TotalTide (ATT)

-       ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights (ADLL)

-       ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals (ADRS)


In addition, ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) can be displayed over AVCS.



A comprehensive digital catalogue of ADMIRALTY products

Bridge crews can access a catalogue of the most comprehensive range of SOLAS-compliant charts and publications available. This includes all the official digital and paper charts and reference publications that are available from the ADMIRALTY Nautical Products & Services portfolio.


Your ADMIRALTY chart agent can include their own product catalogue too, enabling crew to create a single order for all the products they require.


Easier navigational information management and ordering

An essential part of the passage-planning process is to ensure the navigational information for an intended route is up-to-date and complete.


With Planning Station, bridge officers can keep costs and download sizes under control by ordering only those charts and publications required for a specific voyage. With ADMIRALTY digital products and services, permits and data can be ordered and received immediately.


Fast and efficient updates

You can receive electronic updates for ADMIRALTY digital products by internet download, email or disc, and they can be applied quickly and accurately, with minimal human effort. In addition, it is easy to export information to the ECDIS.


Planning Station also makes it easier to hand over incomplete passage-planning tasks between crew rotations.


This digital updating service, available at no extra charge from the UKHO, reduces time and effort compared to paper-based products.


Supporting inspections

Planning Station lets bridge crews view when the ADMIRALTY digital products they carry were last updated (their status), and lets them print or export reports to support inspections.


Extra navigational information displayed – ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO)

Helping bridge crews to identify areas of possible navigational uncertainty and risk, AVCS customers receive the unique AIO, at no extra cost. AIO displays all UKHO Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) and ENC Preliminary Notices to Mariners (EP NMs) as a single layer on top of ENCs.


Crews can view AIO using Planning Station, which is particularly valuable if the ECDIS on board does not currently display AIO.


Updating your paper charts

Bridge crews can seamlessly manage and update the paper charts and publications they hold by using paperchart updating applications that are authorised to work with Planning Station.