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53 Boats You Can Build

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53 Boats You Can Build

E.B. White once wrote, "It is small wonder that men hold boats in the secret place of their mind, almost from the cradle to the grave." That secret place of the mind is often a source of fantasy when sailors dream of building their own perfect boat and taking her to idyllic harbors.

This book is a collection of boat designs that can help turn such fantasies into reality, an important reason being that building many of the boats herein is truly within the means of a devoted sailor. The designers of these craft have taken pains to simplify construction for economical building by professionals and, in many cases, ease of construction for backyard amateurs. Large-scale plans and, in some cases, building instructions are available from the designers listed in the back of the book. The majority of plans calls for wood construction--carvel, lapstrake, or plywood--but there are also plans for both one-off fiberglass and steel construction.