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33 CFR Title: Navigation, Parts 1-124 (2016 Ed.)

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33 CFR Title: Navigation, Parts 1-124 (2016 Ed.)

This first volume of 33 CFR contains Parts 1-124 and is regulated by the US Coast Guard.

  • Chapter I
    • Subchapter A: General
    • Subchapter B: Personnel
    • Subchapter C: Aids to Navigation
    • Subchapter D: International Navigation Rules
    • Subchapter E: Inland Navigation Rules
    • Subchapter F: Vessel Operating Regulations
    • Subchapter G: Regattas and Marine Parades
    • Subchapter H: Maritime Security
    • Subchapter I: Anchorages
    • Subchapter J: Bridges
    • Subchapter K: Security of Vessels

Title 33 of the US Code of Federal Regulations (33 CFR) contains all US regulations dealing with Navigation and Navigable Waters. The Title is organized into three volumes, and the regulations it contains are authored by the US Coast Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.

Volume Chapter Parts Regulator
1 I 1-124 US Coast Guard
2 125-199
3 II 200-399 Army Corps of Engineers
IV 400-499 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation