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NOAA Tidal Current Tables: Atlantic Coast of North America, 2020 Edition

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Publisher National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
ISBN 857441005695

NOAA Tidal Current Tables: Atlantic Coast of North America, 2020 Edition

2020 Atlantic Coast Tidal Current Tables informs the reader on the expected behaviors of the oceans along the eastern coasts of North and South America, as well as the western coasts of Europe and Africa, and its waves through charts, graphs, and informative writing. Topics include daily predicted times of slack water and predicted times and velocities of maximum current (flood and ebb), the speed of a current at times between slack water and maximum current, and the duration of weak current near the time of slack water. This book is published as one part in a set of two volumes, along with Pacific Coast of North and America and Asia. ISBN: 978-1-941562-26-0 (9781941562260)


Astronomical data --- inside back cover
Important notices ----- VI
Introduction ----- X
List of reference stations ----- XI

Table 1.—Daily current predictions:
Explanation of table ----- 1
Typical current curves for reference stations ----- 3
Daily predictions for reference stations ----- 4

Table 2.—Current differences and other constants and rotary tidal currents:-----
Explanation of table ----- 199
Current differences and other constants ----- 202

Table 3.—Speed of currents at any time:
Explanation of table ----- 257
Speed of currents at any time ----- 258
Table 4.—Duration of slack ----- 259

Table 5.—Rotary tidal currents:
Explanation of table ----- 261
Rotary tidal current stations ----- 262
The Gulf Stream ----- 269
Wind-driven currents ----- 271
The combination of currents ----- 273

Current diagrams:
Explanation ----- 275
Current diagrams ----- 276
Publications relating to tides and tidal currents ----- 287
Official U.S. Datums ----- 288
Glossary of terms ----- 289
Index to stations ----- 295

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