Principles of Naval Architecture Series: Strength of Ships and Ocean Structures

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This new revised volume on Strength of Ships and Ocean Structures addresses several topics of ship strength in greater depth than in the previous edition of PNA, bringing much of the material up to date and introducing some new subjects. There is extensive coverage of the latest developments in dynamic sea load predictions, including nonlinear load effects, slamming and impact plus new sections on the mechanics of collisions and grounding. The incorporation of the various loadings in structural design and analysis is covered including long term extreme and cumulative fatigue effects. There is a more extensive treatment of strength analysis using finite element methods than was included in the previous edition. Ultimate strength evaluation of the hull girder and components is covered and there is a section on structural safety assessment applying reliability concepts including fatigue effects. Particular attention is given to problems encountered in ships of special type and size that have been developed in recent years, many of which, by reason of size, configuration or lack of a history of design experience, require a design approach based on first principles. Modern developments in classification society strength standards and modern rule developments are covered including Common Structural Rules for tankers and bulk carriers. The concluding sections discuss materials other than steel, including composites and aluminum, and vessels of unusual geometry and performance such as multihulls, hydrofoils, and SWATH craft. 

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