Offshore Support Industry, 2012 Edition

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Publisher Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
ISBN 9781908833006
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This authoritative book is both a great introduction to the operational side of the offshore support industry and a valuable reference work for commercial practitioners.

Offshore Support Industry is an easy-to-read reference for those who want an overview of the technical and commercial issues involved in the chartering, ownership and management of offshore vessels. Complete with maps, diagrams and photographs, this book covers everything from the role of the support vessel to knowledge of the wider offshore industry, including exploration and production of oil and gas together with offshore renewables.

Contractually, an offshore vessel charter may share many common aspects with a conventional charter party; indeed most current contracts were adapted from existing documents. But the nature of the work of offshore vessels and the environment in which they work, place them in a category that requires industry-specific issues to be addressed. This has consequences for the management of vessel operations and for the information that shipbrokers need in order to operate within the industry. Offshore Support Industry details contractual and commercial variations that are specific to this industry.

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