Legal Principles in Shipping Business, 2016 Edition

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Publisher Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
ISBN 9781908833846
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Legal Principles in Shipping Business describes the way that shipping law affects how the industry conducts itself. This book describes in detail how this aspect of the industry works.

It explains the nuts and bolts of charter parties and different types of shipping documentation such as bills of lading and waybills. It describes the principles and the essential ingredients of contract law.

English law is the most widely used law in shipping business. Nearly all practical documents of an international nature involved with shipping business are based on English law. The book thoroughly explains concepts of common law, case law and precedent and how these contrast with statute law.

This title covers the role of arbitration in dispute resolution and the different services provided by maritime arbitrators and details arbitration centres. It describes the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration versus litigation.

This book will therefore be essential reading for those studying Legal Principles in Shipping Business, but will also be beneficial to everyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of this aspect of the industry a bit further.

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