Site Selection & Design for LNG Ports & Jetties (IP no. 14)

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This book is aimed at port developers as a guide to the minimum design criteria required when a port is built or altered in order to accommodate LNG carriers.

This publication addresses safety issues for LNG ports. It focuses on eliminating spillages at both the ship/shore interface and navigational approach channels. It looks at issues that can be resolved while the port is being designed, which may be of benefit to harbour planners and port authorities. The book outlines the way forward for site selection of LNG terminals, establishes a basis for safe jetty design and considers the safety factors in the port approach. It also looks at the existing industry guidelines that cover cargo operations at the ship/shore interface. It is suggested that LNG’s excellent safety record owes a great deal to the existing standards being adopted. As the industry becomes more widespread, continuing success will depend not only on better acceptance of the existing standards but also on future improvements. Some of the newer aspects are described and a check list can be found in the appendix.


1 Summary

2 Principal Recommendations

2.1 Port Design

2.2 The Jetty

3 Acknowledgments

4 Introduction

5 Development of LNG Standards

6 Site Selection

6.1 General

6.2 Jetty Location

7 Design Criteria for Jetties

7.1 Root Criteria for Hazardous Liquid Cargoes

7.2 Specific Criteria for LNG

8 Risk Management in the Port Approach

8.1 Port Controls

9 The Human Element

10 Grounding and Collision Risk

10.1 Hull Damage - a Historical Review

10.2 Risk of Structural Damage to LNG Carriers

10.3 Examples

11 References



Title: Site Selection and Design for LNG Ports and Jetties (IP no. 14)
Number of Pages: 25
Product Code: 4400W095
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-129-9 (9781856091299), ISBN 10: 1-85609-129-5 (1856091295)
Published Date: February 1997
Binding Format: Paperback
Book Height: 300 mm
Book Width: 210 mm
Book Spine: 5 mm
Weight: 0.20 kg
Author: SIGTTO

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