NFPA 12: Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System

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Edition 2022
Publisher National Fire Protection Association
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Maximize safety by following the latest criteria for carbon dioxide extinguishing systems with NFPA 12!

Work with the updated NFPA 12: Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems for the latest requirements for the installation and maintenance of carbon dioxide extinguishing systems. The Standard is prepared for the use and guidance of those who purchase, design, install, test, inspect, approve, list, operate or maintain carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system equipment. Coverage addresses total flooding systems, local application systems, hand hose line systems, standpipe systems, and mobile supplies.

The 2008 edition contains important clarifications of the requirements for personnel safety features, which must be incorporated in every carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system. It's essential for fire inspectors, installers, insurance professionals, large industrial companies like auto manufacturers, and aluminum rolling mills. (Softbound, 56 pp., 2008)

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