Benchmarking Bulk Carriers 2018-2019 Edition

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The INTERCARGO Benchmarking Report provides a detailed analysis of the global dry bulk cargo fleet, reporting on performance and trends across many sectors of the industry.

In 2018, INTERCARGO-entered ships continued to significantly outperform industry averages in respect of both detentions and deficiencies per inspection. It remains a core requirement of INTERCARGO policy that vessels entered by Members should meet strict acceptance criteria, which is set significantly higher than industry averages.

The Benchmarking Report is one of INTERCARGO’S initiatives in its pursuit of a safe, efficient, high quality and environmentally friendly dry cargo shipping industry.

Information is provided on:

  • the state of the global fleet, including total tonnage, deliveries and scrapping

  • performance by Class, Flag and P&I Club, including number of detentions and deficiencies

  • performance of INTERCARGO-entered ships

  • recorded incidents, negative performance indicators and casualty trends

  • regional MoU annual white/grey/black lists and the USCG targeted flag list

  • Port State Control and the Concentrated Inspection Campaign.

The section on owners’ benchmarking allow owners to compare their fleet performance against that of their peers.

The section on Port State Control (PSC) provides an updated overview of the most important PSC regimes and looks into self-discipline measures and transparency, inspections and detention data for bulk carriers in 2018, ship targeting systems and performance indicators, measures to harmonise PSC activities and procedures worldwide, and Concentrated Inspection Campaigns.



INTERCARGO – Who we are 3

INTERCARGO Membership 4

Definitions and Abbreviations 6

1. Foreword/Executive Summary 8

2. Global Fleet and Market Trends 11

3. Casualty and Incident Reporting 14

4. Class 18

5. Flag 20

6. INTERCARGO – Entered Ships Performance 24

7. Owners’ Benchmarking 26

8. Negative Performance Indicators 28

9. Protection and Indemnity 29

10. Port State Control 30

11. INTERCARGO Reporting Schemes 37

Acknowledgements 45


Title: Benchmarking Bulk Carriers 2018-2019
Edition: 2018-2019
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