Collection: 46 CFR: Shipping

46 CFR 

Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 46) is the portion of the CFR that comprises governance for the United States Coast Guard, the United States Marine Commission and the United States Maritime Administration. In total the Code of Federal Regulations contains 50 volumes, which make up administrative law for agencies and departments of the U.S. federal government.

CFR 46 contains 9 volumes and 599 parts.

Volume 1 contains parts 1 - 40 and covers procedures applicable to the public, merchant marine officers and seamen, uninspected vessels and tank vessels.

Volume 2 contains parts 41 - 69 and covers load lines, general provisions and documentation and measurement of vessels.

Volume 3 contains parts 70 -89 and covers passenger vessels.

Volume 4 contains parts 90 - 139 and covers cargo and miscellaneous vessels, mobile offshore drilling units, electrical engineering, small passenger vessels carrying more than 150 passengers or with overnight accommodations for more than 49 passengers and offshore supply vessels.

Volume 5 contains parts 140 - 155 and covers dangerous cargo and certain bulk dangerous cargo.

Volume 6 contains parts 156 - 165 and covers equipment, construction and materials: specifications and approval.

Volume 7 contains parts 166 - 199 and covers nautical schools, subdivisions and safety, small passenger vessels (under 100 gross tons), oceanographic research vessels, marine occupational health and safety standards and lifesaving appliances and arrangements.

Volumes 1 - 7 comprise Chapter I and are administered by the United States Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security.

Volume 8 contains parts 200 - 499 and covers policy, practice and procedure, regulations affecting maritime carriers and related activities, regulations affecting subsidized vessels and operators, vessel financing assistance, emergency operations, training, national shipping authority, control and utilization of ports, miscellaneous and Great Lakes pilotage rules and regulations.

Volume 8 comprises Chapters II and III. Chapter II is administered by the Maritime Administration and Department of Transportation. Chapter III is administered by the United States Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security.

Volume 9 contains parts 500 - 599 and covers general and administrative provisions, regulations affecting ocean shipping in foreign commerce and regulations and actions to address restrictive foreign maritime practices.

Volume 9 comprises Chapter IV and is administered by the Federal Maritime Commission.

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