SPICA e-Navigator: Easy solution for how to update ENCs in ECDIS

SPICA e-Navigator is an ECDIS passage planning software solution designed for marine navigators in mind to be able to support vessel e-Navigation operations. The intuitive and user-friendly software technology solves mariners dilemma of how to update their ECDIS with the latest ENC chart corrections in accordance with SOLAS regulations. Our electronic navigational chart software is applicable to all SOLAS class vessels equipped with ECDIS or alternative electronic chart system compatible with the ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS). Read on below to see the process in keeping ECDIS charts updated using the SPICA e-Navigator voyage planning software.  


How to download AVCS Electronic Navigation Charts & Updates

Step 1: After your AVCS ENC order has been approved by your distributor you can download your AVCS charts in SPICA by clicking on the yellow button that says Update Charts in the charts section of SPICA. Weekly ENC updates can also be downloaded by clicking on the yellow button Update Charts if there are updates available to download.


Step 2: After the download of AVCS ENC charts is complete, click on the tab Export for ECDIS to export the AVCS ENC charts to a USB or CD. Once your ENC charts and permit files are saved to your removable media take it to your ECDIS to upload the ENCs.




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****See the playlist links below for procedures on how to load the AVCS charts exported from SPICA e-Navigator in your type specific ECDIS****


Installing AVCS on JRC ECDIS


 Installing AVCS on MARIS ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Furuno FEA-2107 / FEA-2807 ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 / 4000 ECDIS


Installing AVCS on PC Maritime Navmaster ECDIS


Installing AVCS on SAM ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Raytheo Anschütz Synapsis ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Tokyo Keiki ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Kelvin Hughes Manta ECDIS


Installing AVCS on OSI ECPINS 6.0 ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Totem ECDIS


Installing AVCS on Kongsberg ECDIS


Installing AVCS on SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Basic


Installing AVCS on Telko ECDIS v2.6.0


Installing AVCS on eGlobe G2 ECDIS


Installing AVCS on the Furuno FM 3000 series ECDIS