Ships’ Routeing, 2019 Edition

The latest version of the Ships’ Routeing, 2019 Edition – safety of shipping and the cleanliness of oceans – now available for purchase.

What’s it for?

The purpose of ships’ routeing is to improve the safety of navigation in converging areas and in areas where the density of traffic is great or where freedom of movement of shipping is inhibited by restricted sea-room, the existence of obstruction to navigation, limited depths, and unfavorable meteorological conditions.

Why is it needed?

Ship routeing systems were adopted by IMO to improve safety at sea including two-way routes, recommended tracks, deep water routes, precautionary areas and areas to be avoided.


Who does the Ships' Routeing apply to?

Ships’ routeing systems are recommended for use by and may be made mandatory for all ships, certain categories of ships or ships carrying certain cargoes when adopted and implemented in accordance with the guidelines and criteria developed by the Organization.


Who needs to have the Ships' Routeing?

A ship shall use a mandatory ships’ routeing system adopted by the Organization as required for its category or cargo carried and in accordance with the relevant provisions in force unless there are compelling reasons not to use a particular ships’ routeing system.


Where can you find it?

Contact us here at American Nautical Services to receive your copy of the Ships’ Routeing 2019 Edition or you can order it online with us.